Monday, February 25, 2013

Baby Giraffe Review & Giveaway

*I received product for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Lets talk about you for a second. You are a wonderful mom. One of the best in fact, but you're only human and I would bet that you've had a time or two during your motherhood that you wished you had a third arm. As a parent you are constantly holding a million things whether it be a bottle, toys, holding your hand above your child so that you can shade them from the sun, and even turning on the camera on your phone and snapping a picture of your child while they're in the stroller so that you can see if they're asleep or not without risking waking them up if they are! What if I told you that you could "grow" a third arm and attach it to your stroller, high chair, car seat, and more? Baby Giraffe has created a product that will help moms everywhere have that "third arm" that they so long to have!

You may be wondering, what the heck is a Baby Giraffe? Well obviously you know what a baby giraffe is, but this Baby Giraffe a convenient companion to moms (and dads) everywhere! The Baby Giraffe is a sturdy, adjustable, clamp that easily attaches to most strollers, high chairs, car seats and more. The Baby Giraffe includes a quick release buckle to attach and detach the four attachments that come in the package. Attachments include sunshade, mirror, bottle holder, and toy loop. 

When my Baby Giraffe came in the mail, I have to admit I was the most excited about the sun shade. Living in Arizona it is sunny all the time. I mean seriously, 90% of the year is sun. When Baby A and I go on walks it is inevitable that we will end up with the sun in our eyes for at least half of the walk. Although our stroller has a canopy it never fails that the sun is directly in Baby A's eyes, and that's just not fun for anyone! I was thrilled with how large the Baby Giraffe sunshade was! It added the perfect amount of coverage so that Baby A wasn't blinded by the sun but could still look around and take in the scenery during our walk.

When I'm out walking with Baby A and I have him facing forward in the stroller, there are times where I wonder if the fresh air and warm sunshine have caused him to take a little snooze, yet unless I stop the stroller and walk around to take a look at him, I have no idea. Thanks to Baby Giraffe's mirror attachment I now have the option of a "baby rear view mirror" and I can keep an eye on my little man.

The Baby Giraffe can be a useful tool to moms who find themselves multitasking when it is time for their little one to drink their bottle. With the bottle attachment you can easily strap your little ones bottle in and adjust the Baby Giraffe to the correct positioning for your child to be able to easily drink. Although I absolutely love this feature I strongly suggest that you do not leave your little one unattended while using this bottle attachment, you just never know!!

The last attachment that the Baby Giraffe includes is the toy loop. This attachment is literally a loop that you attach your child's toy to so that they can have entertainment while in the stroller, high chair, car seat, etc. I attached Baby A's keys to the toy loop as an example, and I used one of his toy links to attach it. If you needed to adjust the drop of the toys, or add additional toys you could simply add more links to the main loop! 

Personally my favorite attachment to the Baby Giraffe is the sun shade and I know it will be something that I will get a lot of use out of. The other attachments are great but in my opinion will benefit moms who have babies that are one year and under. I would absolutely love to see the Baby Giraffe come in alternate colors so that you can mix and match to the color of your stroller or where ever you plan to use it! Overall I feel that this is an awesome stroller accessory that moms everywhere will find super convenient and fall in love with! 

To Purchase: Visit Baby Giraffe's Website!

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Baby Giraffe however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. car seat, my son seems to get easily bored in the car :/

  2. I would mostly use it on our stroller

  3. I would use it for the stroller and car seat.

  4. On the carseat or on his exercise activity center-dealy.
    caitlin_hoover at yahoo dot com

  5. I would use it with the stroller.

  6. I would use it on the carseat!

  7. I'd definitely use it for the stroller and the carseat (before he outgrows his bucket carrier!).

  8. Baby swing to hold small toys. My daughter could care less about the hanging, swinging elephants that come with it and I can't say I blame her. :D

  9. Stroller & car seat for my baby boy :)

  10. i would probably use it most on the stroller

  11. Id use it on the carseat and stroller

  12. I'd be using this on our stroller and car seat! :)

  13. Car seat, for those long trips.

  14. I could have used one of these when my kids were younger. I think I will have to get one for my sis who is pregnant w/ her first!

  15. This is interesting iv have never came across anything like this. I would definitely purchase this item with all the different uses it provides! LOVE IT!

  16. I am commenting on your review and you sure did a great job on this item. I really never knew what it was. It sure does look handy and useful for many things. Thanks for the detailed review and wonderful pictures which explains a lot! Rita Spratlen


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