Saturday, February 9, 2013

7A.M. Enfant Le Sac Igloo + WarMMuff's Review & Giveaway

As much as I love wintertime, and the cool weather, I really miss going on walks with Baby A! I've tried bundling him up with jackets and blankets, but something always happens where the blanket falls or he looks like the Michelin Man. Does that happen to you too? With the help of 7A.M. Enfant and their Le Sac Igloo, you can still take your walks during the winter and know that you little one is nice and cozy!

7A.M. Enfant was founded by French Designer Rebecca Campora who wanted to offer stylish and urban baby accessories that combined good design, fashion, and versatility. 

I was generously sent a Le Sac Igloo and WarMMuff's to review for you! I was very excited to receive the Le Sac Igloo because I have a major soft spot for all things warm and cuddly! When I laid eyes on the Le Sac Igloo I knew it would be one of my favorite stroller accessories and I was correct! I LOVE the Le Sac Igloo

The Le Sac Igloo fit perfectly on my Maxi Cosi Foray and provides the maximum amount of warmth for your little one. The outer fabric is water repellent so if you happen to get caught in the rain without a rain cover for your stroller, your little one will stay warm and dry! The inner layer is cotton so the Le Sac Igloo can have air circulation and the outer layer can be removed for warmer weather leaving a thin cotton blanket for your little one. The Le Sac Igloo also has openings in the back so that your stroller's 5 point harness can be worn. 

If the fur on the Le Sac Igloo's hood is bothersome to your child, you can easily remove it by quickly unsnapping it! Removing the fur will also make the Le Sac Igloo Slightly cooler for your little one.

If you feel as though the hood is not necessary for your walk you are able to unzip the hood and have it spread out across the stroller! When I did this for Baby A, he loved how soft the inside was and kept rubbing his cheek on the side of the "Igloo". Baby A hates hats and hoods so I would say he was more of a fan with the "Igloo's" hood unzipped!

Here's Baby A getting ready to go on his morning walk with his new Le Sac Igloo!

Now lets not forget about us mamas! It would be very challenging for us to curl up in a giant Le Sac Igloo and take our walks, but if it's cold outside we deserve something warm and cozy too! With the help of 7AM Enfant's WarMMuffs, we can stay cozy and stylish while out with our little ones! What I really enjoyed most about the WarMMuff's is that the muff's attach to your stroller and you can leave them on all season long and just slip your hands inside of them when you're ready for your stroll! The inside of the WarMMuff's is made from the same soft cotton lining as the Le Sac Igloo so momma get's to hold onto a very soft fabric while staying toasty warm!

I wasn't able to have both hand's in the WarMMuff's and still snap a picture so this will have to do! 

I think that the Le Sac Igloo and WarMMuff's are a must have to any mom who loves to go on walks no matter the season! You will feel at ease knowing that your little on (and yourself) are toasty warm while still getting your daily stroll!

To Purchase: Check out 7AM Enfant and shop their latest collections!

Or you could enter to win a Le Sac Igloo of your own!!!

7AM Enfant wants to give one lucky winner a Le Sac Igloo in their choice of color; Denim, Army, or Red

A winner has been chosen! Congrats to Marysa Nicholson!

The Giveaway will close late on the evening of February 23rd. The winner will be chosen at random through Rafflecopter which uses The winner will be announced both on Rafflecopter as well as MCO’s Facebook. The winner will have their prize sent to them by 7AM Enfant. Must be 18 years and older. Mommys Craft Obsession and other participating bloggers are not responsible for the prize shipment. US Only.

*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by 7AM Enfant however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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