Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Why Should You Cloth Diaper?

Hi everyone! 
I'm Ruth from Viva Veltoro

Are you thinking about using cloth diapers? 
Need a little help convincing your significant other?  

Today we're going to talk about why you should consider using cloth diapers.

Here are the major reasons whyyou should use cloth: 

Cost: If you have one baby, you'llprobably spend between $1,500-2,500+ on disposable diapers and wipes beforethe age of three.  If you have just two children that could add up to $5,000.  If you were to buy a very minimal stash of cloth diapers consisting of prefoldsand covers (say 3 dozen Osocozy prefolds @ $18/dozen and 6 covers @ around$12/cover) that is $126.  Throw in a few wetbags, some Snappi's or pins andyou're looking at $160 or so.  Cut up some receiving blankets or use somebaby washcloths for wipes.  That is it.  That will cover you untilpotty training if you really need to diaper your baby on a budget.  Sayyou are more of a pocket kind of gal.  If you bought 24 KaWaii pockets itwould run you about $263.  If you bought 24 bumGenius 4.0's about $407. Add another $50 for wetbags and pail liners and you're good to go.  The cloth diapering online stores have great sales so you might even be able to do a bit better.  And, there are even cheaper alternatives like purchasing used or through co-ops.  
Environment: Say the average baby goesthrough 8 diapers/day (maybe 12 during the newborn stage and 4-6 or so in thetoddler stage, but say 8 on average) and it takes 2.5 years to potty learn. That is 7,300 diapers per child going into the landfills.  I'm not super granola or anything, but when I do use disposables I feel a bit guilty throwinganother disposable diaper into the landfill knowing it won't biodegrade for 500years - that's a real number people, 500 years.  I didn't just make thatup.  Even taking into account the water and soap you will use washing yourcloth diapers you are still saving the environment and landfills.
Chemicals/Safety: Disposable diapers haveA LOT of chemicals in them.  Think about it - do you want chemicals,especially dioxin, pressed up against your baby's "hot spots" for upto 3 years straight?
Rashes/Sensitivities: Somebabies get horrid diaper rashes from disposables and some are just plainallergic to them.  Babies in cloth diapers get less diaper rash and theointments or salves used with them are usually more natural.  There are asmall percentage of babies that are sensitive to certain materials in somecloth diapers - like suede cloth or microfleece - but there are usually otheroptions available like all cotton that will work for them. 
Blowout containment: Ifyou have a baby then you've probably dealt with quite a few poo explosionsbefore.  If you don't have a baby yet, then picture a baby with poo oozingdown their legs and up their backs, coating that super cute outfit you put themin.  Cloth diapers are MUCH better for poo containment.  In 6 monthsI've had only 1 blowout in cloth and that was due to user error (I put thediaper on too loose).
Not having to run to the store in your pajamas: Therewill inevitably be a time where you'll run out of disposables if you aren't asuper planner/stockpiler and you'll have to run to the store at 9 o'clock atnight.  With cloth diapers, you'll always have diapers available as longas you keep up with the laundry.  
Cute factor: This was the one that gotme.  Cloth diapers come in so manyfun colors and prints - they are just cute and make the whole diaperingexperience a lot more fun for me.   I love the look of a fluffy butt.

But what do you do with the poop?

This is the one thing that usually throws peoplefor a loop.  You just wash the diaper once it's dirty mmmkay? Youscrape the poop off, dunk the diaper and swish it around in the toilet, or you could get a diaper sprayer and install it in your bathroom. Or, if you’re like me, you get a good pair of rubber gloves and rinsethem in your utility sink. It's really not that bad.

A Special Thanks to Ruth at Viva Veltoro for this Wonderful Post!

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  1. This post has really got me thinking Alex. I have always used disposable diapers in the past and I genuinely never considered the points you make here. The cloth option seems far better when you take all of those points into account.

    1. Thank you! This post was actually written by the wonderful Ruth at Viva Veltoro but I completely agree everything she said! I love cloth diapering!

  2. Hubby and I have just started trying to have a baby but we are trying to finalize where we stand on the diapering issue. This blog covered most of what I already knew with the exception of two things: I didn't know you could get pocket diapers for so cheap! And I never thought of using rubber gloves for the poo situation (so obvious...). Thanks for some great insight! Definitely going to have to check into the KaWaiis...

  3. We just started cloth diapering (we're on baby #3, first two were in disposables) and so far it's been a piece of cake! I'm sure there could be some bumps in the road, but I read up as much as I can and hope to be prepared for dif situations that could arise. :)


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