Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Fitted Diapers

Hi MCO readers!  
It's Ruth from Viva Veltoro and today I'm going to talk about fitted cloth diapers!

I'm afraid I've found the love for fitteds.

When I first started researching cloth diapers I couldn't quite understand why people liked them so much.  I didn't have a baby at that time and couldn't really grasp the concept of a "heavywetter" or the need for nighttime diapers.  I also didn't understand why some fitteds were so expensive and cute when you were just going to cover them up with a waterproof cover or wool.  I tried GMD workhorse fitteds when my little one was a newborn but preferred the ease of pockets and AIOs, especially when I was sleep deprived.

Fast forward to now.  A few months ago I purchased a cute little fitted from a work at home mom (WAHM), just to see what all the hype was about.

I was hoping that once I put them on my little guy I'd hate them... but guess what... I don't.  They are so soft, squishy, and cute. They're also pretty substantial and can be worn for hours (up 4 hours if you buy a hybrid fitted) without a cover!

For those of you unfamiliar with fitteds let me tell you why you might love them: 

1.) The whole diaper is absorbent, rather than just the soaker or insert of an AIO or pocket (this is why you need a waterproof or wool cover).  So, if you have a heavywetter these diapers might be your best option.
2.) You can go coverless if you'd like - you just need to be vigilant about checking your baby for wetness.  Going coverless is a great option if your baby is suffering from any kind of rash since the natural fibers in most fitteds allow for more breathability.  You'd most likely want to go coverless at home and especially during the warmer months.
3.) Depending on your brand preference, fitteds can be more cost effective than other types of diapering systems.  Since a cover can be used multiple times between washing, you could save money by buying fitteds and covers over systems like AIOs.  For every dozen fitteds you'd probably need 3 to 4 covers.
3.) Cute factor.  Fitteds are just plain cute.  Since they don't require any special materials like PUL or TPU for waterproofing they can be made out of any adorable cotton fabric your heart desires.

Since taking the plunge into fitteds I decided I might as well try wool too.  I figure if I'm going to talk cloth diapers I better walk the walk and try different systems.  I got my first wool cover from an awesome WAHM on Etsy and I love that too!

So, here I am with too many diapers already and now a new found love for fitteds and wool...  my hubby is not going to be happy about this :)

For those interested, my first fitted was a Southern Comfort (or a SoCo for those in the know).  I've since purchased a few more and have recently added an amazing Boogie Bear Creation fitted to my stash.

Here's my little man in his first SoCo. Love.  

Have you tried fitteds yet?  Love them?  Hate them?  Any others you think I should try?
Tell me about your experience.  

A Special Thanks to Ruth at Viva Veltoro for this Wonderful Post!

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