Sunday, December 30, 2012

Whats In My Diaper Bag?

Back when Baby A was a newborn, I literally carried everything, including the kitchen sink. Overpacker was my middle name. I was a new mom and really had no clue what I was doing, so if it was a baby product, you could pretty much count on it being in my diaper bag. As Baby A got bigger, I started carrying less, and my diaper bag became less chaotic. Being the mom of a one year old little boy, I've found that I can carry the essentials and that's it. No more heavy diaper bag, no more broken shoulder. So what's in my diaper bag?

Let's go through a virtual  tour shall we?

Click on the photo to enlarge and better see the items & their number.

That's everything. Seems like a normal amount of stuff right? I have everything that I will need for a short outting, 2-3 hours max. Essentials for me and Baby A, that's it. No nonsense or "well, maybe I'll need it" items. That's the key to an organized diaper bag, only bring what you need. The second key to an organized diaper bag, pouches! If you can organize your smaller things into pouches then you will always know where what you're looking for is at and you won't have things floating around your bag with the potential to get lost or fall out. Now, lets look at things a little bit closer!

1. My handmade yellow & gray pouch.

1A. Wet Ones/Sanitizing Wipes. 
These are a must have for me. There's nothing I hate more than dirty restaurant tables and these are a lifesaver!

1B. A mini bottle of sunscreen!
You never know when you just may end up at a park!

1C. Hyland's Baby Teething Tablets. 
If your babies toofers hurt, you'll want to relieve the pain as quickly as possible!

2. A Large Coin Purse.
I carry Baby A's insurance card and immunization record in a large coin purse and keep in the diaper bag, that way if anyone aside from me has my sweet baby boy, they always have those two things on them!

3. My Wallet.

4. See Photo Below

5. My Keys.

6. Hand Lotion.

7. Cell Phone.

8. Sunglasses.

4. My handmade pink demask pouch.

4A. Gum.
You never know when you'll need to freshen your breath!

4B. Pepper Spray.
You can never be to safe.

4C. Hand Sanitizer.

4D. Lip Products!
Chap sticks, lip glosses, and lipstick.

4E. A Pen
Just because every single time you need a pen, you never have one. Now you always will.

9. A wet bag.

10. Baby wipes case filled with wipes.

11. Diaper, as you can see, we use cloth.

12. Sippy Cup.

13. Itzy Ritzy Snack Bags

If I plan on being out of the house for more than 3 hours I always bring a full meal for Baby A, because lets face it, most of the time you plan to be gone "a few hours" you're gone all day long. For lunches I usually will pack Baby A a sandwich or a bunch of sliced fruits, crackers, and what not. Depending on if the meal needs to stay cold, I will pack his lunch in one of the following...

14. Itzy Ritzy Lunch Pail

15. Similac Insulated Bag
Put in an ice pack and you're good to go for several hours!

Whats in your diaper bag?

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  1. *Very* organized! :-) 7. is cell phone & 8. is sunglasses...I carry spare diapers, wipes, butt cream, baby powder, hand sanitizer, changing pad, immunization card, usually as we going to the pediatrician, a change of clothes, a full bottle in an insulator, snacks, and of *course* toys to keep my son busy!!! :-)

    1. Oh goodness! Thank you for the correction, I had completely skipped over my cell phone!!! That's what happens when you finish a post way past your bed time! LOL.

      It sounds like your bag is well organized too!

  2. Oh, and a changing pad lol! :-)

  3. Very awesome. I need one of these! :)


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