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Vexed Vision Review & Giveaway

When I'm doing some online shopping, the thing that I love most are shops with variety. If a shop only sells the same thing in different colors, patterns, sizes, etc, I get bored quickly and move on. Shops that have a variety of different inventory keep me interested and want to look at everything they have! When I look at Vexed Vision on Etsy, I can't help but enjoy myself the entire time I am browsing. Need a cute tutu for your daughter? Pick a color. Hoping for a beanie for your son? Great, dog or giraffe? Desperately in need of a pick me up for yourself? Sure, accessories or travel mug? Seriously, the possibilities are endless.

Vexed Vision was started in the summer of 2012 when Vix was on maternity leave after giving birth to a beautiful little girl. Vix spent her daughters nap time doing crafts that were ultimately inspired by her daughter. Aside from offering adorable baby products, she also wanted to give moms the opportunity to treat themselves as well, so she started creating unique accessories suitable for mommas everywhere! Vexed Vision offers fun products and accessories for extremely affordable prices! 

I was super excited to rip open my box from Vexed Vision when it arrived! We hadn't discussed what would be sent so I knew everything would be a surprise when I opened it! I felt like a kid on Christmas. Vexed Vision sent me a travel mug, a crocheted headwrap, a beanie for Baby A, hair clips, and a pacifier clip! I had so much fun going through everything and Baby A looked soooooo cute in his beanie! I wish I could have gotten a picture, trust me, I've tried, but that little booger is all over the place!

This infant/toddler dog beanie is hand crocheted and is ridiculously adorable. I know how to crochet, and although I like to think I am good at crocheting, I still have yet to master making a beanie. I loved that this beanie had ears (as a dog should), they were SO stinking cute. My son as you know is just over a year and this beanie fits him perfectly, but does have "give" so that he will be able to wear it for many more months. It is a light beige and brown in color so it will match will pretty much everything in his wardrobe! What I love most about this hat aside from how adorable it is, is that it is made out of a very cozy yarn so you can feel confident that your little one will stay warm through those winter months! Vexed Vision also makes a lady bug hat and a giraffe hat for your little one! I adore the giraffe!

During these chilly months you will want to keep yourself warm along with your little one, so you must treat yourself to one of Vexed Visions crocheted headwraps! I absolutely love the stitching, it is chunky and cozy, but doesn't feel to heavy while you are wearing it. I personally hate wearing hats and beanies. My head is to confined and it for some reason always gives me a headache. With this headwrap, it is big enough to keep your head warm, but it isn't confining like a beanie would be. The headwrap is size adjustable and you can tie it as loose or as tightly as you may want it! 

So cute right?

Being a huge fan of hair accessories, when I pulled these adorable heart clips out of the box I was super excited. These are perfect for adding a little something extra to your outfit and to hold your hair back! I wore my clips in my hair while I was cleaning house and they didn't move at all! A lot of clips will slide around or fall out completely but these allowed me to clean my house with my bangs out of my eyes, it was a nice change of pace. The hearts have a cross stitch look to them but they are in fact a soft plastic! You get the adorable look with practicality and not having to worry about them getting dirty for any reason. These clips are perfect for mom or daughter!

I don't know about you, but I'm sick of Baby A's paci's falling to the ground whenever we are out and about. Half of the time I didn't bring an extra paci, and the other half of the time he's also dropped all of the extras! With this super cute paci clip, I won't have to worry about his pacifier falling and getting dirty! It attaches securely onto his shirt with the suspender clip while the elastic band wraps around his pacifier for a strong hold. When I pulled on the pacifier, it stayed in place and was tight and I knew I wouldn't have to worry about it falling off and getting dirty. In the listing for the pacifier clip on Vexed Visions Etsy, it says that it is made to fit soothies pacifiers, but Baby A is all about his MAM's and it worked perfectly for us! I highly recommend this pacifier clip, the quality is fantastic and honestly you can't beat it's pricetag!

Are you a coffee drinker? You're going to love this! Vexed Vision has travel mugs! Drink your coffee on the go with a unique and fun travel mug that will brighten up your day! What I love must about this travel mug is that it has a handle! So many travel mugs you will come across do not and it just makes everything SO much easier if there is a handle, don't you think? Vexed Vision sent me a super cute and girly mug with leopard print, floral, girly skulls and a fun pink and black background. I absolutely love it! My only suggestion for Vexed Vision with this coffee mug is to find an alternate way to secure the fabric inside, when I washed my mug it came unscrewed and the fabric got loose! I was easily able to fix it though and I am confident that Vexed Vision will too!

 Overall I love the products that Vexed Vision offers and I think that they would make great gifts for yourself, your little one, or others! Everything in Vexed Vision is so much fun, the quality is great, and the prices are competitive. There is sure to be something you'll fall in love with at Vexed Vision!

Click HERE to go shopping at Vexed Vision!

Want a chance to win one of the adorable and unique items from Vexed Vision? You're in luck! Vexed Vision is offering one lucky winner their choice of Jewelry, Child Hat or Hair Accessory! 
What will you choose?

Here's how to win!

The Giveaway will close late on the evening of January 1st and the winner will be announced no later than the morning of January 2nd. The winner will be chosen at random through Giveaway Tools which uses Random.org. The winner will be announced both on Giveaway Tools as well as MCO’s Facebook. The winner will have their prize sent to them by Vexed Vision. Must be 18 years and older. Mommys Craft Obsession is not responsible for the prize shipment.

*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions, what works for me, may not work for you. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Vexed Vision however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.

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  1. Love these products. So creative, fun and affordable!!

  2. Very nice items my wife and daughters would love them!

  3. i really love the crochet headwrap! i never do much with my hair & am always on the lookout for cute easy things for my hair!! thanks for the giveaway! :)


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