Friday, November 2, 2012

November = Thanksgiving = Tasty Foods

It's finally November! As much as I love December, November has always been my favorite month. I could go on and on about the reasons why I love November, but it would just be leading up to one word......Food. There is nothing like Thanksgiving Dinner. Every family has their special traditions and foods that they can look forward to every year and my family is no exception. This year will be different though. This year, I have to create my own traditions for my family rather than take part in the traditions that I have grown up with. Since there is now 18 driving hours of distance between my family and I, going to moms house for our usual Thanksgiving dinner is not going to happen, but nevertheless I am excited for the holiday and looking forward to making new memories with my son and my Fiance. The first year that Mr. Hunky and I were together, we went our separate ways for Thanksgiving, spent the holiday with our families, and met up later that evening.  Last year was a little different since Baby A was welcomed in September, we spent the holiday together and went to both houses for two Thanksgiving meals (it was glorious). This year, we will be spending the holiday together in the comfort of our home in AZ. Mr. Hunkys parents are actually flying out to spend it with us which I am so excited about! I am looking forward to this opportunity to incorporate both of our families traditions and meals together to create a special holiday for Baby A. Since I will be creating our own and new traditions, I have been feverishly googling and pinning recipes that I am wanting to try out this year and I cannot wait to start cooking! I almost want to make a couple of mock Thanksgiving dinners just so I can eat everything! That would sort of ruin the fun though wouldn't it?

What are your favorite Thanksgiving foods? Does your family do the same foods every year? Or do you switch it up?  I would love to see some of your recipes! 

 I also love November because I love Black Friday. As you know, I love to get good deals, so Black Friday is a frugal girls holiday. What I don't like about Black Friday is the crowds, and the crazies. Rather than deal with madness, I shop online! Tons of sites offer free shipping and additional promo codes so why not? The only exception to that rule is if it is a fantastic deal that you can ONLY get in store. Last year I sat in line at Target for three hours in the freezing cold because I needed to get the iPad with 3G. I was going to be living somewhere that didn't have internet because in was literally in the boon docks and none of the providers would reach the wireless to them. The iPads at Target weren't on sale, but they were offering a $75 Target gift card with the purchase of an iPad so to me that was worth the wait in the cold. Not only did I get what I was after, I also was able to buy a TON of Christmas gifts with the $75 gift card and not spend any more of my own! So in the end that was completely worth it to me. 

Do you go shopping on Black Friday? In store or online? What is the best deal you have ever gotten while shopping Black Friday Sales?

Happy November everyone =]

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