Friday, October 26, 2012

Update: The Ugly Face of the Yeast Monster

So after seven hours of washing diapers, yes SEVEN hours, the "de-yeasting" process was finally over. Unfortunately by that time my back yard was completely shaded so I had no choice but to put the diapers in the dryer which ended up being fine- once they were dry I threw them on for an extra 30 minutes so they would get hot and hopefully kill off any last hint of anything that may be lingering on the diaps.

I haven't put Baby A back in cloth yet, I'm still hoping that the rash will clear. It's a pretty strange rash, just when I think it's almost gone it comes back swinging. I'm almost to the end of my 26 disposables that I bought though so I'm thinking Baby A will be back in cloth before the end of the weekend. Lets hope this yeast monster is gone for good, I don't think emotionally I can handle anymore red baby booties!

Fingers Crossed?


  1. I feel your pain. My oldest daughter had the same problems when she was a baby. Unfortunately back in the 80's when she was born, I only had the horrible plastic-y diaper covers and cloth diapers weren't as great as they are today. I actually boiled her diapers in a huge stock pot, then washed them in hot water and vinegar. Another thing, if you do end up buying disposables again, try the seventh generation if you haven't already. They don't have any chlorine in them to irritate baby's skin. Best of luck.

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I wanted to boil them but I read that if the diaper has snaps you're not suppose to which makes sense. I turned my water heater on full blast so I hop that worked in place! Thank you for your mention of the seventh generation diapers!! I have also heard that they do not have chlorine which is wonderful but I ended up just grabbing a package of pampers. The only place that sells SG is in the next town up which is about a 15 minute drive- not to far, but Mr Hunky was at home with Baby A and I had to be quick! :) what I usually do for disposables also is use a diaper cover and buy the Flip Disposable Inserts which are awesome! Unfortunately that wasn't an option though since I wanted to make sure the cover wasn't infected.

      Still working on getting rid of the rash and then it's back to cloth!


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