Saturday, October 6, 2012

MCO's New Workspace

I FINALLY did something with our awkward front room. I was so sick of looking at a chair (that I love, but never use), a book shelf, and Mr. Hunkys' stereo system in our front room. Seriously, our front room bored me to tears. When Mr. Hunky told me last night that he wanted to move his stereo system into the garage I was beyond excited. He told me he would take care of it on his next day off, but instead I demanded politely asked him to unplug everything for me and I would move it. I was going to reorganize TODAY. I am so happy I did!!!

I moved our desk out of the guest room and into the front room. It's new home is now where the book shelf use to live. I moved the book shelf to the opposite wall where the stereo was and I filled in extra space with overflow toys and Baby A's books.

I LOVE it! It now feels like a room! Do you know that feeling? Where you just look at a room for so long and dislike it so much that you don't even acknowledge it as a room? I referred to it as the "catch all room" and never spent any time in it unless I had to.

This room is now MCO's new workspace!

 Mrs. Bow Jangles likes it too!

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