Monday, October 8, 2012

MCO Beauty Week: Hair

Hey MCO readers! Today I'll be kickin' off beauty week with some hair care tips that I have!

When I first met Mr. Hunky, my hair was short. Like, really really short. I had an A Line cut and my the back of my hair was at the nape of my neck. I really loved it when it was short but I quickly began to miss my long hair and wished for it to grow back. It's taken a long time for my hair to get to where it is now but I am really loving the length of it now! Although it sort of remind me of "hippie hair"! Add some bell bottoms and I'm golden. I wear my hair natural 99% of the time, and it's not because I'm lazy, I don't like doing my hair, or I don't have what I need to do my hair because let me just tell ya, I have a ridiculous amount of hair products. Blow dryer, straightener, curling iron, product, clips, bows, flowers, bobbies, hair ties, you name it, I probably have it. I leave my hair natural because that's when it feels and looks the healthiest. I do straighten my hair on special occasions and when I do I always make sure that it is fully dry and has a leave in conditioner applied. I NEVER blow dry my hair. The only exception for that rule is if I've recently showered and we're about to go out to dinner or out with friends. If we're just running to the grocery store or not going anywhere, I let it air dry. Below are some photos of my hair how I wear it daily, natural and ridiculously long.


MCO Hair Tip #1:
Leave your hair natural as much as possible!
MCO Hair Tip #2:

Let your hair air dry. If you have to blow dry it, make sure you have a leave in conditioner in your hair for extra moisture.

MCO Hair Tip #3:
If you're straightening your hair, make sure you have product in your hair! The dryer your hair is, the more damage that hair straightener is going to cause.
MCO Hair Tip #4:
Take prenatal vitamins. Even if you don't want to get pregnant, you should be taking your prenatals daily. Prenatals are the best women's vitamin and they do magnificent things to your hair! You want long healthy hair, take your vitamins.
MCO Hair Tip #5:
Treat your hair with homemade remedy's. Pinterest is a great resource for homemade hair masks, and although I haven't tested out any myself yet, I've heard that the best ones combine honey, egg yolk and olive oil. I plan on doing a hair mask when Mr. Hunky isn't home, he may think I've gone nutty!
MCO Hair Tip #6:
Stop touching your hair. Seriously, the more you touch it, the more gross oils you put into your hair therefore making it greasy!
MCO Hair Tip #7:
Use a quality Shampoo and Conditioner. It really does make a difference in your hair so treat yourself to a visit to Sally's Beauty Supply and pick up a couple of good products!
MCO Hair Tip #8:
Don't dye your hair! Okay, who am I kidding. I love to dye my hair, but I haven't dyed it since before I got pregnant with Baby A. My hair color is pretty much all my natural color with exception of some lighter pieces toward the bottom that still peak through. As much as I love to dye my hair, it really is bad for your hair in the long run.
MCO Hair Tip #9:
Don't split your split ends or pick at your gray hairs! By splitting your split ends you're actually further damaging your hair and causing worse breakage! And by pulling those pesky gray hairs you're actually inviting more of them to grow in it's place! Like I said before, DON'T TOUCH YOUR HAIR!
MCO Hair Tip #10:
Find a hairstyle that works for you. If you're hating the hair you are working with, you will be unmotivated to style and care for it. You need to figure out what sort of hair style is going to work best for you whether it be long, short, straight, natural. Whatever it is that you like is what you need to do so that you care for the hair that is on  your head!
*All of MCO's beauty tips are 100% my personal opinions, I have not gone to school for Cosmetology and I am not a professional. My statements are merely my experiences and are being shared with you for entertainment purposes.


  1. I would agree with you on almost every point, especially dying your hair. I have dyed my hair for 30 years and now that I am mostly gray, I can't let it grow out naturally. If I do, I would have brown hair on the bottom & gray on the top until I am able to cut all of the brown off. So I am sporting a wig these days, a really cute wig, but when I am fully gray and decide not to wear it any more, are my acquaintances going to be shocked. (I've told most of my friends what I am doing.)

    1. Thanks Marcia! Good luck on going natural!

  2. Wonderful hair tips. I want to try doing the homemade hair masks sounds wonderful. Anything that can make my hair look great I will try.

  3. Love these tips! I have horrible hair and it seems like nothing I do makes it better. (Hoping it goes back to normal after pregnancy, but I'm going to try these anyway!) Thanks!


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