Monday, October 1, 2012

Featured Seller/Product Review: Baby Beanzy

*I received wall decor for review in exchange for my honest thoughts and opinions*

Around this time of year is when I really get into the cozy mode and pull out my favorite blankets. For Baby A it is no different, I pull out the blankets that I think are the coziest for him. Minky blankets tend to be the ones I gravitate to for coziness and warmth for Baby A when he snoozes. We have a couple of Minky's that my mom and I attempted to make while I was pregnant but since our sewing skills are, well, horrible, they didn't turn out as amazing as I hoped they would have. When Baby Beanzy agreed to team up, I was over the moon!

Shelly, the owner of Baby Beanzy, lives in Sacramento, California with her husband and two little princesses. At the age of 6, Shelly was lucky enough to have both of her grandmothers teach her the ins and outs of sewing and encouraged her to pursue her creative outlet. She started creating baby blankets when her girls were young with the idea of creating a blanket that would grow with their child from infant to toddler in designs that would always been fun and beautiful. Baby Beanzy carries baby blankets and quilts, burp cloths, bibs, car seat harness covers, and much more!

I was lucky enough to be sent an absolutely gorgeous baby blanket for Baby A, and I couldn't believe how gorgeous it was when I recieved it in the mail! I had asked Shelly to surprise me with something "boy appropriate" and she informed me that she had the perfect idea in mind! When I got a sneak peek of our new blankie on Baby Beanzy's Facebook page, I was so excited to see it in person! The colors were vibrant and so much fun! Perfect for Baby A. The quality of the blanket is wonderful, even the down to the stitches! I was impressed, although I shouldn't be considering my sewing skills are horrible! My only suggestion for Baby Beanzy is that the binding is sewn a little closer to the edge, there is a small "flap" that overhangs and Baby A likes to play with it! (Please see picture for closer details) My biggest suggestion is for Baby Beanzy to make adult sizes!! Please?

If you can see, between the edge and the stitches there is a small gap, Baby A finds this gap amusing. Otherwise the stitching looks perfect! Maybe Baby Beanzy can give me some sewing lessons?

When I took Baby A's blanket out of the mailer I was so excited to see that the fabric was not only Minky, but Flannel as well! Even though we live in Arizona, I am quickly learning that the nights do cool off and like me, Baby A sleeps on the cooler side so seeing how cozy this blanket was made me so excited! Lets talk about its colors. The shade of the Minky is a vibrant "deep turquoise" which I absolutely ADORE. I love that the turquoise is paired with an orange silk binding, it ties in with the orange of the cars and the orange and turquoise together is to die for.

Baby A Didn't Like That I Stole His Blankie For Pics

 As you can see from the above photos, the blanket is pretty big! It's big enough where you can swaddle your baby, use it as a blanket in the car seat or stroller, or just for cozy cuddles in the rocking chair with momma. It measures approximately 30in X 32in give or take a little!

Baby A Was Not Happy That I Tried To Swaddle Him

Overall: Baby A and I love the Minky & Flannel blanket made by Baby Beanzy! It is soft, warm, cuddly, and so cute! The blanket is the perfect size that he can grow with it as he changes into a toddler and it will be perfect to pass down when Baby #2 joins us one day! (NO, I am NOT pregnant!). As I mentioned previously, the only thing that I noted about this blanket was that little overhang that Baby A keeps messing with but it is not something that would detour me from purchasing another blanket from Baby Beanzy. I highly recommend these blankets- they would make the perfect baby shower gift or wonderful for a holiday gift.

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*This review is 100% original and in my own words. Everything written is from my own personal view point and opinions. All photos have been taken by me unless stated otherwise. I have been provided with product to review by Baby Beanzy however I have not been compensated monetarily for this review.


  1. I love this blanket! The colors are beautiful.

  2. Most if not all blankets are sewn the way you described. I can distinctly remember my baby blanket having that same rim & it never was an issue for me. I think if the stitching were closer to the edge of the trim it could cause an uncomfortable rough edge especially if it were a zig zag stitch or surge stitch. Beautiful blanket for sure, & it looks soft & cozy!

    1. Thank you for the imput! I know nothing about sewing so that was great information for me :)


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