Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sleeping In

Sleeping in is something that I cherish. When I was a teenager, I would sleep in until one or two in the afternoon. I loved to sleep, it was probably my favorite past time. Since becoming a mother, even during pregnancy, sleep was something that quickly dwindled and became broken. My twelve hour nights turned to six hour nights of broken sleep. Luckily for me, Baby A loves to sleep too so it only took a couple of months before my twelve hour nights were returned to me. With that being said, we were still up by 7:30am every morning. The last few days, Baby A has been sleeping in which is AMAZING. He slept until 11:00am the other morning and today he slept until almost 10:00am. Getting that extra sleep is pretty much the best thing ever! I'm a night owl so staying up until midnight and waking up at 7:00am isn't typically fun, but of course I do it without complaint (well, maybe a little complaint) because that when my baby boy wakes up! I hope the sleeping in continues, I'm starting to get a little spoiled!

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