Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Featured Seller/Product Review: Lime Green Lemon

When your favorite tee shirt gets tired and worn out, what do you do with it? Do you throw it away? Donate it? Use it as a rag? Create something out of it? For a lot of people, the answer is simple. Get rid of it. Whether it be by throwing it away or donating it, as long as it is out of their sight, it won't phase them anymore. Have you ever heard the expression "One mans trash is another mans treasure"? Well this expression rings true to many people in this day and age. Donating, Recreating, and Upcycling is something that should be done more regularly to create less waste and more beauty on this planet. For Lime Green Lemon, this is exactly what is done to create the beautiful items in the shop.

Leigh Ann is a stay at home mom to a very energetic two year old. After working your typical 8-5 job, becoming a full time stay at home mom was something of a shock to Leigh Ann. She felt as though she wanted to do something that she could call her own, and since having her own business had always been a dream of hers, she took those the first steps and created her Etsy Shop. Everything found in Leigh Ann's shop is handmade, designed, and created by her (during her sons nap times of course), using upcycled shirts, dresses, and fabrics found in her own closet or at local thrift stores. She loves the thrill of creating something new out of something old and for her, options to do so have become endless. Leigh Ann strives to create pieces that are as unique as they are high quality and she hopes that her customers will get as much use from them as much as she does.

Lime Green Lemon sent me a set of three Thick Braided Cuffs in the color of my choice to review for you guys today. I chose pink, green, and yellow because I felt like those colors were very versatile and could be worn year round! I was very excited to open my package from Lime Green Lemon and was pleased to see that if I had ordered these as a gift for someone, that they would come packaged up and ready to be given as a gift.

When I took the cuffs out of the package I was excited to see how adorable they were! Images flashed of me wearing these cuffs with bracelets I already owned and different outfit opportunities popped in and out of my head as I tried my new cuffs on. Although made out of what I assume to be a tee shirt, these cuffs are quite thick which gives them dimension while on your wrist. I didn't want to pull on these to hard knowing that they were made from a material that could potentially stretch, so I gently tugged on the area where the cuff had been tied off to make sure that it held a strong hold. I didn't have any issues with the cuffs, they stayed secure and didn't threaten to come apart.

Since the cuffs are sold as a three pack, I decided to try them on individually, wearing two, and wearing all three, and I do have to say that in my honest opinion it was most comfortable to wear them individually. I did enjoy the look of them while I was wearing two together, but I felt as though wearing all three together was to much because of the thickness of them. I have small wrists though so to me it just felt a little bulky. I absolutely LOVED these cuffs individually, they are extremely soft, they're comfortable and they're adorable- need I say more?

Overall I feel like these would make an amazing gift whether it be for yourself or for someone else! The quality is absolutely wonderful and the colors are gorgeous and vibrant. These cuffs would also be perfect for a child to wear since they are comfortable and do not offer any sort of pieces that could fall off and potentially be harmful. I have worn all three of these (wearing them individually) with a neutral tee shirt and jean shorts and I felt like they gave the perfect amount of spunk and color to my outfit! Aside from these adorable cuffs, Lime Green Lemon also offers scarves and anklets from all upcycled products! I highly recommend that you go shopping at Lime Green Lemon!!

As if Leigh Ann's products couldn't get any better, she is offering MCO readers an exclusive coupon code for 25% off of your entire purchase!!! Time to stock up on Holiday gifts! Use the code MCO25 for your 25% off discount!

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