Friday, July 20, 2012

The Story of Me and Him

It was just another fall semester at the junior college, I was excited to start school again, I always loved being a student. Taking notes, organizing, school's sort of my thing. What I was not excited about- taking speech did not sound like a good time. I went into class slightly bitter, not excited to know no one in a pretty hands on class. It turned out that I did know someone! My friend Hailey from high school was already sitting down looking miserable. When class started, we were all less than excited to find out that we had to play some "ice breakers". Naturally, I paired up with Hailey and we started doing the ridiculous game the teacher insisted on us doing. And then I saw him. Tall, Handsome and Tattooed. It wasn't love at first sight but I made a mental note to keep an eye on that cutie. A few days later, I received a message on Facebook from Mr. Hunky- supposedly claiming that Facebook had "suggested me as a friend and he recognized me from class". Uh huh, sure. To this day we still argue about who came onto who. After chatting over Facebook messages for a little while, he admitted that it was his birthday the following week so I asked him out to a birthday lunch. I dragged a friend along just to verify that he wasn't a serial killer, which clearly he is not. Two weeks (February 2010) later we decided to date and become exclusive! If someone told me we would come this far when I first met him I wouldn't have believed them. September 2010 we took our first vacation together, my family and I were headed to Hawaii for a week and told me that I was welcome to invite him. He was instantly accepted in my family, they've even told me if something happens to us, they're adopting him. Great! While in Hawaii he asked me to move in with him. October 2010 we got our first place together, a townhouse which we both loved. December 2010 we conceived baby A. I found out the first week of January that I was pregnant, it's crazy how you JUST KNOW. I hadn't missed Aunt Flo, but I just felt- different. So I took a test...well, 4 tests to be exact. We welcomed our son in September 2011. November of 2011 we found out our lives would be changing dramatically and we would be relocating due to his job, he asked if I would be moving with him and I was baffled. Of course I would be moving with him! What was he crazy? I was sort of mad that he even asked. December 15th of 2011 he proposed. It was perfect. He took me and our new little bundle to the beach and proposed while I was sitting on a piece of driftwood holding our son. Nothing could break my happiness. Fast forward to May 2012 and we started our new adventure in a new state! Baby A is now 10 months, our wedding is planned for September 15th (2013) and I am one happy and in love mama :)


  1. Awwww I love this. You are so cute and I love your story!!! Is the wedding sept of THIS year?

    I met my husband at my best friends Christmas party. Who knows why he was there. Through a friend of a friend I guess. I was so drunk. I started telling him he was my best friend because he was Hott haha. I then told my friend who was dating his roommate to hook me up. He called me the next day and we were inseparable ever since. We got engaged on our one year from him asking me out anniversary. And got married 7 months later.
    The funny thing is my husband had just moved here from Washington when I met him. He was only planning on staying one month :)

    1. Oops! I should have specified :) September 15, 2013! We still have a while to wait but we had to push it I due to his new job! I love you and your husbands story! It's adorb!! Cracks me up how you were drunk telling your girls that he was hot! So funny ;)


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