Sunday, July 15, 2012

Sunday Shopping Scores

I woke up today in a bad mood. I went to sleep perfectly content so I'm not sure what the reason for my grumpiness was. Regardless, I knew I needed to get out of the house and be on my own for a bit. I needed to go shopping. My mission: a purse. Well, I failed the mission, there were no purses that I loved and I wasn't going to just buy to buy. So I moved onto the clothes expecting to find nothing but frustration. Since my new Toms arrived last week I've been wanting to grab some clothes that would match them! I hurried into Marshall's yesterday while Baby A and Mr. Hunky waiting patiently in the car, but for me, what fun is rushed shopping? I managed to grab two scoop neck tee shirts (they wont be pictured, they're nothing special), one in ivory and one in oatmeal. I left feeling unsatisfied. What fun are tee shirts? No fun. So I had no expectations when I walked into the clothes isle of Ross, after all, it is Sunday so I anticipated it being super picked over. But I totally scored!!! I picked up a plain black tank, a black and oatmeal bold printed top, a blue, white and orange striped top, a neon pink and oatmeal side striped top, and an oatmeal and laced back top. I LOVE everything I scored. I also got a pair if shoes for Baby A. The best part? Only spent $47! Word of advice- head to Ross!!!

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  1. I used to loveross but the one by me is so bad. It's always so messy and everything is thrown around. I miss my old Ross!


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