Monday, July 23, 2012


On a daily basis, it cracks me up how the simplest things entertain Baby A the most. This kid is spoiled rotten, we have more toys, books and movies than we know what to do with for him yet he loves the things that don't cost money or cost just a tiny bit of money (which is fantastic in a sense, but not when the money has already been spent!).

Baby A Loves:

-Making the living room blinds move.
-Playing in the dogs water bowl.
-Crawling after Mrs. Bow Jangles.
-Mrs. Bow Jangles (in general, he things she's the funniest thing ever).
-The remote.
-When we walk outside (by far the most exciting thing ever).
-His baby einstein toy.
-His Paci.
-When Mr. Hunky or I walk into the room.

I could literally go on and on. So much makes my baby boy happy. As I write this he's sitting and playing with the blinds. He should be long since asleep (we have a strict bedtime of 7:30pm) but his little tummy hurt so he's been away for the last thirty minutes. Seeing him learn and develop is such a joy. What happened to my newborn?

It's the simple joys and life that keep you going. Appreciate the moments you have, no matter how simple they may be.

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  1. that's awesome & i am SO happy for you. can't wait to have little babes.


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