Sunday, June 3, 2012

Go Go Go Go Go Shawty

It's my birthday, I'm gonna party like its my birthday, I'm gonna sip Bacardi like its my birthday.....yep, that's the guys! 7am and I'm getting DRUNK! Not. In reality I'm laying in bed between a whiny Baby A and a grumpy Mr. Hunky. Baby A has decided that his present to mommy is that he would randomly roll from back to belly (a new milestone). Once you get to a certain age and I'm sure all of you will agree- you stop getting excited about your birthday, it's just another day! The skies don't part, people don't bow down and kiss your feet and smother you with gold, diamonds and jewels. No one holds a private concert for you or let's you spend infinite amounts of money at whatever store you set food into that day. It just doesn't happen and if you're delusional enough to be hoping that it will then you may want to pretend that you didn't read this post! Sorry to ruin the suspense- by the way, Santa isnt real either. Once you hit adulthood or motherhood your birthday becomes just another day of work, bills and poopy diapers. Now it may come off sounding like I don't like my birthday- by all means, it's my favorite holiday of them all! I love my birthday and I typically milk it for all it's worth but let's face it, most of us hang out on our birthdays and wonder what our husbands are getting us (if they even remember it) and how many people that you haven't talked to in years will comment on your Facebook saying "Happy birthday!!!! You are SO beautiful". What I enjoy about my birthday is coupons you get and the mass amounts of happy birthday emails you get from companies that you didn't even know you had subscribed to! It's like email overload! With technology is how it is, I wonder how it will be when baby A is old enough to have some sort of electronic device on his birthday. Will they still have facebook, blogs and instagram?? These are the things I ponder on the morning of my birthday. I'm off to Starbucks to get my birthday drink :)


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