Saturday, June 9, 2012


When was the last time you were really excited about something? I mean, so stoked you could pee your pants? I fully believe that you should be that excited at LEAST once a week, because lets face it, a happy person is more fun to be around than a grumpy person. Even if you're just excited over the silly little things like, the mail arriving early, the baby not crying, the cookies being done- whatever it may be you deserve to smile about it because at the moment, it made you HAPPY.

What made me happy today aside from the simple fact of relaxing but being productive at the same time (I've been working on the very anticipated reopening of This Love is Ours Boutique), is the very exciting news that I received- my cousin is coming to see me!!!! My cousin and I have not known we were related for very long. We met through Mr. Hunky and quickly became friends. After talking to my mom, we were able to trace back that her grandma is my grandpas first cousin. Crazy right? I was SO excited to find out that we were related, I already totally loved her and personally I thought it was kind of fun to be like "ya, that's my cousin" to all of Mr. Hunkys friends have known her forever. Anyway! Back to the point- She's coming to see me!!! Her and her two friends are going on a road trip and are making a special detour to come stay with us- I could not be more excited!! They are taking a month in a half long road trip and traveling all the way to North Carolina and back. Follow their adventure through their blog and see what kind of trouble these crazy ladies stir up as they take on new adventures in the next 6 weeks!

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